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Assistive Technology

What is it?

Assistive technology refers to devices that helps maintain or improve a person’s ability to do things in everyday life. These can assist with a range of difficulties.

You can use technology in a variety of ways, such as helping with everyday tasks and activities, improving your safety, and monitoring your health. Some technology can also help people to support you. Some of the specific thing’s technology can help with include:

  • memory problems

  • problems with planning and carrying out each step of a task

  • communication, including speech and hearing

  • mobility

  • keeping safe both inside and outside the home

  • maintaining independence and self-confidence

  • socialising and doing things you enjoy.


Screen magnification software: This software allows users to control the size of text and or graphics on the screen. Unlike using a zoom feature, these applications allow the user to have the ability to see the enlarged text in relation to the rest of the screen. This is done by emulating a handheld magnifier over the screen.

Speech input software: This software provides people with difficulty in typing an alternate way to type text and also control the computer. Users can give the system some limited commands to perform mouse actions. Users can tell the system to click a link or a button or use a menu item.

Assistive technology can massively change lives in a positive way. At MCC Digital we have years of experience supplying technology to people and charities in need of technology. We also offer a variety of training workshops to support you once you invest in the technology so that you are using it to its full potential and getting the maximum benefits. Please get in touch today to see how we can help.

Here at MCC, we can provide Apple technology to support your charity, business or school’s needs. Read more about Apple devices accessibility features here:


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