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A Week of Working From Home...

Starting last week, the Government advised that, if possible, you should begin to work from home. This meant that there were changes made to our office set up, with some departments working remotely and a couple remaining in the office.

For some, it's not quite as easy to work from home because of the resources needed from the workplace. But with most departments now working remotely, we have managed to maintain social distancing and ensure that the whole team and office are COVID safe.

Please be assured that it's business as usual here at MCC! We're still operating as normal, and can assist you with anything you may need.

We know that times have been tough, but it won't last forever. We must be positive and look forward to every single day, we're all in this together!

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries. We'd be more than happy to help...


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