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5 Apps Every Student Needs!

Ever since the pandemic, the way we work and learn has had to adapt to keep everyone safe. Some like the new approach of online learning, whereas others find they’d much rather be in the classroom.

No matter which you prefer, it’s undeniable that, either way, technology has helped introduce a whole new potential to education.

Not only does it allow us to connect and learn remotely, but the invention of different apps also encourages endless amounts of creativity and inspiration.

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to up your productivity and get things done, so we’ve created this article to give you a head start.

Here’s a handful of apps we think every student should install to get. things. done:

Notability (free) – This app is everything you need for taking notes digitally. You can draw, record audio bites, annotate, just about everything! A cool feature to note (get it?) is that you can present and share your notes to help others and download notes from them.

Notes – When buying any Apple product, this app comes free. It’s user friendly and professional. You can create tables, add attachments, photos, videos and so much more, all in the app.

SimpleMind (free) – Available via browser as well as an app, SimpleMind gives you so many options to organise your thoughts and create mind maps, using different colours, pre-defined style sheets, etc. (free) – The design of this app is so simple, which makes ticking off your to-do list even easier. Allows you to sync everything across all compatible devices and offers reminders, as well as the ability to share your lists and assign tasks to different users. (different pricing for different plans) – A great app and website for collaborating and communicating. The layout is fabulous and so easy to navigate, create different boards, make them secret or collaborative. The possibilities are endless!


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