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10 Reasons To Network!


You've probably heard the term before, but you may be unsure of what it actually means and consists of. Not many of us realise that networking is VITAL for any successful business. You need to connect with others to allow plenty of opportunities, not only for your business but also for yourself. The power of the Internet and social media makes it so much easier for us to network ourselves, and build connections.

It's great to have as many connections as you can, there's no such thing as 'too many' either, because you never know when they may come in handy or when you can help someone out. The whole networking process involves a lot of team work, if you want to be supported you've got to support others. This is great though, because you're building a relationship and trust between you and your contacts.

Read these reasons we've put together to show the benefits of networking:

My personal favourite reason is the inspiration and creativity found through networking. You can reach out and connect with people that have similar interests as you, or work in the same industry as you. Sharing ideas and experiences with others allows for an exchange of insight. When others offer their input, it allows you to see things from a whole new perspective you've probably never even considered before. And when you're the one to offer advice, others may see you as reliable and knowledgeable, which is always a bonus and can help build a good reputation.

LinkedIn is an amazing platform to start networking on. Once you've created a profile, its yours forever to share with any employers, colleagues, contacts, etc. The platform is really useful because it shows the connections of people you're already linked with, so you can see connect too.

LinkedIn is known for sharing professional content, but users of the platform absolutely love personal things too. Anything to do with you as a person, an insight to the work you do, your community, this will go down a treat! There are lots of interactive features too, such as polls, reactions, comments, and tons more. This is an extremely handy way to network and build connections.

If you don't already have an account, you should definitely create one and see what it's all about!

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