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iPad in education
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The AI Powered Handwriting and  Spelling App

Kaligo provides students with real-time corrective feedback which empowers independent learning, whilst simultaneously providing teachers with real-time results and progression reports for whole classrooms and individual students.

How can Kaligo help my school?

14 Handwriting and Spelling Exersises

Kaligo is designed to teach children how to write and spell using a tablet and stylus. We’re now used by over 200 schools across the World.

iPad with Kaligo
Macbook and Kaligo

Teacher Portal

Tailor Kaligo to match your school’s handwriting policy, thanks to our customisable letter choices. Create lesson plans for the whole class, working groups and individual students, or why not choose from one of our 1000 pre-loaded lesson plans from the Kaligo Library?

School Analytics

Senior Leadership Teams can monitor progress of hand-writing and spelling for the entire school as well as for individual year groups. Kaligo reports on all exercises and identifies areas for improvement, and notifies of which year groups and students need support.

Kaligo and Apple Mac
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The Handwriting and Spelling App.

What our schools have to say.

“Kaligo is perhaps one of the most impressive classroom tools we’ve seen. The improvement in our pupil’s handwriting in a very short space of time has been really impressive!”
Andrew Clark, Deputy Head at St James’ CE Primary School.

MCC Digital and Kaligo

Apple iPad and Kaligo
Kaligo in School
Kaligo on iPad

Kaligo is one of the most impressive classroom tools we’ve seen. Anything which provides individual learning, and this level of improvement for the class while saving teacher time is a must.”
C Greenway, Headteacher, Chorley St James Primary School


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Students using

The Kaligo Cycle
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Let us show you what Kaligo can do.

Kaligo Certified Reseller

When we introduce schools to Kaligo, they succeed.

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