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Show me how to code

Every learner can code for fun. It allows you to bring your imagination to life. Coding is a big part of society and is becoming increasingly more important. That’s why it is so crucial that coding is taught in schools.

There are so many resources that can help students learn to code and staff to teach code. Apple have a program that can benefit your knowledge on coding. The app is called ‘Swift Playgrounds’.

Swift Playground is an exciting app filled with multiple activities that are downloadable for either an iPad or Mac.

Swift requires no prior knowledge of coding whatsoever, however If you know how to code but want to improve Swift can help you with that to. This is the perfect app for schools now that coding is mandatory to learn coding for the curriculum.

Swift Playground activities range from solving puzzles to mastering the basics of coding. You can even learn how to build blocks of apps with guided steps to help you along the way and after that you can have all the fun in the world and create your very own real-life apps. How amazing is that?

We at MCC, understand that coding unlocks so many opportunities for children. That’s why we offer our very own coding bundles. We have 4 different bundles that include different services. Check these out on our website to see which bundle best fits you.


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