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Protect Your Platform - Computer Security Day

“Cyber security is much more than a matter of IT.”

30th November – Today is National Computer Security Day.

This day has been celebrated since the year 1988, around the time that computers were becoming more common and the internet was in its early stages. It was created to raise awareness about keeping your information protected from potential threats.

Since the first computer was invented, what we use them for has evolved. Nowadays, we do EVERYTHING important through our computers. They hold a lifetime of data and all of our private property, which is personal to us and us only.

However, the rate of cyber-crime is rising more and more every single day, and hackers are getting even better at what they do. These scams can be disguised as legit links, sent as a virus or malware, hackers can even steal your identity.

Many have argued that the occasion should be renamed as National ‘Device’ Security Day, because hackers now target every single type of device, not just computers.

October is a whole month dedicated to cyber security, which really highlights how important it is to protect your platform. The most recent year’s theme was ‘Do Your Part’.

The overall aim of National Computer Security Day is to empower people to take ownership of their online presence and identity. This is exactly what the team here at MCC want to help you do.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Mitigate. Together, we want to help ensure your security is 100% safe, and to fully prevent any attacks against your platform in the future. Behind Mitigate is a squad of ethical hackers, they’ll scan your system and inform you of any flaws, and how to fix them. Mitigate have various online portals on their website, they are interactive training services where you can learn about all aspects of cyber safety and complete modules to show your understanding.

If your system’s pass Mitigate’s scan and test, this will mean they’re currently completely safe. You’ll receive a certificate to honour this, and be able to know that the important data you’re holding is kept secure.

So, every year, on this day, we are reminded to protect our computers. Why risk a hacking, when MCC have all the help to prevent it? BE SAFE.

'More on Mitigate' blog post coming tomorrow...


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