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Wave Case

Phone protection that doesn't cost the Earth.

Whether you’re upgrading individual handsets or refreshing a full fleet, make sure you choose a sustainable phone case that aligns with the environmental expectations of the business and your clients.

Why Wave?

Wave Enhanced for iPhone

Protect your phone and the planet with our eco-friendly phone case made from wheat straw. Looking for a simple way to reduce your plastic consumption? The Wave Case is a great plastic-free alternative for any business looking to be more environmentally conscious. 

Designed in the UK by our in-house experts, our cases are fitted with unique shock absorbing corners that provide protection from accidental drops. Whilst the 2mm lip around the case protects the screen and camera - giving your phone 360° protection.

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In today's business landscape, sustainability has rightly become a core consideration for companies looking to reduce their environmental footprint and meet the expectations of socially-conscious employees and consumers. One often overlooked but significant aspect of sustainability, is the choice of technology accessories, specifically phone cases.

Sustainable Accessories

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