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Return on Investment with OtterBox from MCC Digital

MCC Digital and OtterBox share important key values and offer services and products with sustainability, affordability, and durability in mind. School tablets are a costly investment. But the cost of keeping technology in the classroom is even higher when those devices aren’t properly protected. That’s why MCC Digital work hand-in-hand with their trusted partner OtterBox to deliver the best solution for your school.

OtterBox uses sustainable materials throughout their product lines, from tablet cases to screen protection, to ensure your schools' valuable equipment is protected.

MCC Digital understand that accidents happen. Devices are dropped, dinged, or even stepped on. That’s why OtterBox’s DROP+ protective cases are precision designed to not only protect devices from dirt, dust, and other debris but they are also put through a series of rigorous tests – including being dropped, scuffed, tumbled, scorched, scratched (and more!) – before they are certified as DROP+ and OtterBox know they are ready for the classroom.

Protective cases and screen protectors are an added up-front cost when buying or leasing devices for your school, but the long-term savings and cost control will significantly reduce device repair costs while extending the average lifespan of your school-owned tablets.

Did you know?

With reliable device protection, your school can improve student learning, reduce the need for costly repairs, and protect the resale value of your tablets to get the most out of your investment. Meanwhile, your students benefit from more consistent access to digital education tools.

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