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Meet the professional- Steve Armour

Meet Steve Armour, our lovely Senior IT Support Technician. He is a confident, funny, and excellent individual. If you ask anyone at MCC Digital what Steve is best at, they will tell you “his humour and his ability to leave a smile on everyone’s face”

How many years have you worked in industry?

Steve has been working in industry for 40 years. Prior to working at MCC Digital, Steve worked at BBC as a zoom specialist. This came in very handy during Covid as Steve had the responsibility of teaching people how to use Zoom.

What responsibilities do you have?

Steve works in our IT department as a Senior IT Support Technician. Steve has many different responsibilities for his job role. A few of his responsibilities include, onsite installation, training & repair & softening the barriers between clients and devices.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Steve usually has very busy days, most of these involve being onsite either installing or looking after ongoing service contracts, and other days involve him being in-house doing repairs, dealing with enquiries, or solving issues logged through Freshdesk.

How would you describe your experience at MCC so far?


When we asked Steve this question, he replied in a positive manor. He quoted "Eclectic. I've met a lot of people I’d be more than happy to call friends and a place I think I’d be happy to see out the rest of my 'working years'"

What is your favourite part about your job?

Steve loves his job here at MCC so this question was a struggle for him to pick only one part. He did give us two answers which we will let him off for. He said one thing he enjoys is "the satisfaction of a problem solved" and he also said he likes when a client gives feedback.

What do you want to achieve at MCC this year?

His main goal for the year is to complete all of his JAMF qualifications. How amazing is that!

Tell us something interesting about yourself

"I have been responsible for special projects previously including numerous visits to 10 Downing Street to manage the portrait being painted for Cherie Blair. This was when she was the new JMU Chancellor, and visiting Kensington Palace to teach The Princess of Wales and her staff how to use 'Zoom'."

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