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Meet the Apprentice- Beth Crook

Meet Beth, she is one of our lovely apprentices at MCC Digital. She is a hard working, fun, and confident individual. If you ask anyone at MCC Digital what Beth’s biggest strength is, they will say “her dedication towards wanting to achieve the best she can in her apprenticeship”.

What did you do prior to the apprenticeship?

“Before I started my Digital Marketing apprenticeship at MCC Digital, I attended a fashion and art collage based in Liverpool. While I was at college, we didn’t just learn about the fashion industry but, we got taught about promotion, marketing, and lots more. When we were studying about Marketing, I knew right away that it was the sort of job I wanted to do when I finished my 2 years at college.”

How did you find the apprenticeship?

“Before I found this apprenticeship, I applied for university however, I was unsure on going because I wanted to jump into a job that I would love. I searched for what felt like forever to find a Marketing apprenticeship, but they seemed to be too far away from my location. The day I found out that I got into my chosen universities, was the day I decided to have another look on Indeed for a marketing apprenticeship, and there it was, my marketing apprenticeship with a company called MCC Digital. I never applied for something so fast. Lucky me, I got my dream job!”

How long have you been on the apprenticeship?

“I applied for the apprenticeship in August 2022 and started my apprenticeship in the following month, September. My level 3 marketing apprenticeship will end around November/December 2023.”

What do you enjoy the most about the apprenticeship?

“There isn’t just one thing I enjoy about my apprenticeship, there multiple reasons. One is that I get time to complete my apprenticeship work separate to working in the office. On a Wednesday I will work from home and concentrate on my apprenticeship work; this lets me focus on my apprenticeship work and then when I’m in the office I can focus on my tasks for work. Another reason I enjoy my apprenticeship is because of all the new friendly faces I’ve met. We also go on amazing work socials; this has helped with my confidence towards new people as I get to know them outside of work.”

What are your day-to-day tasks?

“My day-to-day task vary with what is going on each week. Every Monday and Thursday I write a new blog post and create socials to accompany the blog. I will sometimes research our competitors to see what they are up to, I will create marketing strategies, come up with new content ideas and so much more”

What is your goal for 2023 with your apprenticeship?

“My goal for 2023 is to complete and pass my apprenticeship course and be able to either continue onto my level 4 apprenticeship or go straight into a Digital Marketing job.”

Tell us something interesting about yourself

“I am a very outgoing person and I love to socialise and go out with my friends, especially if there is food and a glass of gin involved. I love going on holidays and making memories in new places with my friends and family.”


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