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MCC Digital announce exciting new charity partner, with a focus on equality in STEM.

5 amazing things about MCC Digital's new women in STEM charity partner, Tech She Can.

Today, MCC Digital, has announced the beginning of a new charity partnership. This is a new venture for both parties. MCC Digital have been supplying hardware, software and services to schools nationwide for over 40 years and continues to deliver exceptional service. They are committed to innovating teaching and learning, which is why they encourage the deployment of technology in classrooms and have collaborated with some of the largest EdTech partners such as Logitech and Sphero.

Tech She Can is a charity that was founded nearly two years ago and its mission is to make STEM careers more accessible for women. They work hard to create a space for women to be equal members in creating and developing the new technology businesses, products, and services that shape our world, ensuring technology works for all. Their incredible free to access and easy to use resources are great for teachers in schools and for parents at home. They also deliver sessions and assemblies in schools and encourage classes, schools or trusts to join in to celebrate key dates in the school year. Perfect for encouraging children to be curious about tech.

#1 - Engaging learners across the curriculum

The assumption about technology and STEM in school is that these topics only apply to coding and programming, It's not true! Tech She Can has a great library of completely FREE resources available for teachers and parents to use which covers content across the whole curriculum. They have lesson plans for subjects such as Geography, Drama, Art and Design and even Sport. Take a look at their On-demand lessons here

#2 - Accessible to all.

The first project currently underway between MCC Digital and Tech She Can is aimed at areas where technology isn't on the front line of the schools' practices. This is either because the technology they have is too old, or they simply don't have access to the technology they need.

MCC Digital have been working hard to make technology as accessible as possible to all schools, regardless of budget. With innovative schemes like MyLearn, allowing schools to access technology in a sustainable and affordable subscription. Tech She Can have formatted their resources to be used by schools or parents with varying levels of technology, meaning no matter your equipment in school or at home, the resources will still provide an engaging and informative structure. Click Here for more information.

"We believe a level playing field is a fair playing field. When technology is available to everyone, magic happens"

– MCC Digital

#3 - Katie and Tex!!

Tech She Can has an amazing collection of Animated Lessons covering a range of technology topics, aimed at inspiring primary school-aged children to think and talk about technology and the role it plays in their lives. Katie and Tex the animated characters come to life to talk about real-world applications for STEM and with sponsors like The Royal Air Force they're fun for learners of all ages.

#4 - The Champions.

Tech We Can Champions are volunteers who use educational resources to inspire future generations about a career in tech. As well as making a difference to young people in your community, you’ll also become part of a network of like-minded individuals as a Tech We Can Champion and STEM ambassador. For more information on how you can become a Champion please visit this link.

#5 - Benefiting teachers in your school.

The partnership between MCC Digital and Tech She Can has enabled a new kind of session, the number one piece of feedback Tech She Can received about their sessions is that the children would love to see some of this tech and its real-world applications. The iPad and accessories provided by MCC Digital for use in these sessions will change the way they can be delivered. Putting technology in the hands of the children and allowing them to create and engage in sessions involving Coding with robots and Augmented Reality adds a new perspective and ramps up engagement for the schools involved. If you want to learn more about how you can use the resources Tech She Can provide, click here.

What's Next?

Updates will be shared on the progress of these sessions in the coming weeks so stay tuned to find out how the fantastic volunteers from Tech She Can get on.

Tech She Can will be holding a number of workshops at the upcoming #CodeWeekShowcase event being hosted by MCC Digital at RAF Museum, Midlands on the 19th October. Registration is Free for schools and academies and tickets will sell out, save your place along with up to 5 students by registering today, Click Here for more information.


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