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#BETT2022 - A fantastic day!

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of travelling down to London and attending the Bett event...

It was an amazing day from start to finish, and the weather was in our favour which was just the cherry on top! We met so many fantastic people and got to see so many cool displays.

Here's a look at our day in pictures:

A warm welcome!

There were endless amounts of stands, with so much to learn and offer.

Free crepes are always a bonus!

Of course, we came to pay our partners a visit - check out Fonetti's awesome stand!

Fonetti had also been nominated for multiple awards at Bett - this speaks for itself really on how fantastic they are.

We had such an amazing day and met so many inspiring people with their own unique ideas. We got to talk to plenty of people about their brands and what their aims are, all in all it was a fantastic day!


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