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We understand that you may have some concerns about your child's usage of devices at school, that's why we've compiled information below that should give you peace of mind. 


Apple believes that privacy is fundamentally important when using technology, therefore they build products from the ground up with privacy at the forefront. Apple and MCC Digital follow GDPR laws to protect people’s privacy and security around data at home and at school. You can feel confident that Apple products and services comply fully with GDPR.

Apple doesn’t sell student information, they never share it with third parties to use for marketing or advertising, and they don’t build profiles based on their email or web browsing.

Student information is purely used for educational purposes and, to that end, they also limit access to certain features like the App Store and leave it up to the school whether or not to enable Messages and FaceTime.

Managed Apple IDs

When deploying Apple products within your child’s school, it is important to understand how Managed Apple IDs support the services that students and staff may need. Managed Apple IDs are accounts designed specifically for schools, they enable students and staff to personalise their device and access key services from Apple. 

Managed Apple IDs are for education purposes only, certain features are disabled to protect the personal information of both students and teachers. Commerce is disabled for Managed Apple IDs, therefore App Store, Apple Books, iTunes and Apple Music purchases are not supported. However, teachers may be given access to purchase apps and books in Apple School Manager for their organisation, if the school grants permission.


Apple makes a lot of decisions about how they make their products and where they get their energy. Their mission is to leave the earth better than they found it. 100% of their facilities are powered by renewable energy. Apple also cares deeply about the people who build their products, and the planet we all share. Apple works with suppliers, from mining to recycling, to verify that their requirements are being met for the people and communities in our supply chain.


Jamf Parent can use the power of Mobile Device Management to provide management controls for parents, giving them the ability to limit apps and device functionality. this will also allow you to restrict games, apps and social media, or set up rules that restrict social media use to certain periods of time throughout the day. You can also receive a notification when your child arrives safely at school. Apps and notifications can be turned off whenever the student is riding a bike or walking in traffic (available soon). You will also be able to create custom rules with the simple step-by-step wizard.

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