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Multi Academy Trusts

with support from MCC Digital

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Find out how MCC can help with the DNA of learning within your Multi Academy Trust.

MCC’s experts can help in many ways with the critical activities at the heart of every classroom:


  • Teaching and Learning - delivery of consistently good assessment and feedback 

  • Consistency - common platforms, better data sharing

  • Efficiencies - better use of technology 

​Questions to consider:

  • How do you ensure every child is making progress? 

  • How do you make your teachers better?

  • How can workflows be more efficient? 

  • How can you ensure focus on the right areas which will be impactful? 

  • How can you ensure consistency across different settings?

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MCC can support your MAT vision and goals


Your vision drives all decisions and action. This module helps teams identify the short and long-term goals of your organisation.

Learning Environment

Consider what you need and expect from your learning environment beyond logistics and the technical infrastructure.


Identify, address and plan the steps needed to set up, deploy and manage devices for students and teachers.


Communication is essential for establishing new practices and change. Shape your story internally and engage your community so they’re informed and feel included. Identify your stakeholders, consider what matters to each group and develop a plan to provide an ongoing flow of information back and forth.

Instructional Readiness

Any big change in an organisation shines a light on its culture, readiness for change and areas for growth. Develop your plan to build staff and student capacity. Identify the resources needed to ensure that the changes you’re making are sustainable.

MCC MyLearn Impact Study

​MCC can provide MATs with the tools to improve, streamline processes and empower teachers. Contact us to explore how an MCC MyLearn Impact Study could help identify your organisation’s next steps. The impact study will demonstrate how great feedback and assessment, supported with the right technologies, can significantly enhance teaching and learning outcomes.

Get in touch today to start the conversation about assessment and feedback policy development within your Multi Academy Trust.

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