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Apple Leadership Series 

Apple has developed a leadership book series that contains observation and planning tools, and interactive widgets to help leaders align their teams and start building a sustainable approach to learning with technology. 

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Innovation in Schools

A book that captures how innovative leaders leverage technology to develop learning, teaching and their school environment.


Elements of Leadership

A book that outlines the work that leaders in innovative schools do to shape their futures.

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Elements of Learning

Helps teachers effectively use Apple technology to enhance communication and creation, personalisation of learning, real-world engagement, critical thinking and teamwork.

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Research for Educators

Outlines bite-sized action research projects that teachers can do on their own to introduce new ideas and measure the outcomes.


Aspirations for learning, teaching, and the school environment are extended and enabled by technology.


Buy-in and support make the initiative successful and sustainable.


Influencers and innovators map out and implement the vision and keep the community engaged.


School success and areas for improvement are identified by known & measured goals.


Influencers and innovators map out and implement the vision and keep the community engaged.


People, programs, and systems have the flexibility to implement and expand new innovative practices.

Leadership Strategy

Leadership Strategy

Having a clear IT vision and strategy is key to success. We work with school management to identify key areas of improvement for your school and we can work with you to help you build a plan that ensures high quality support, development, deployment and enhancement of your learning vision.

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