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Ensuring Success

with Apple Resources 

Every pupil learns and expresses creativity in their own way. Apple technology and resources empower every student and educator to learn, create, and define their success. Apple products give students complete freedom of expression. Make teaching and learning more flexible with apps that are designed to create a more collaborative classroom. Apple resources help students to think, experiment and learn through creativity and coding.

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iPad and Literacy: The Webinar
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Thursday 2nd March |  3:30pm - 4:30pm.  | Zoom

Join us for World Book Day 23, as we delve into the wonders of iPad, Apple Resources and Kaligo. Our webinar will be hosted by Apple Professional Learning Specialist, David Kirtlan. 

Hear how iPad blends literacy with the digital world. iPad when combined with Apple Pencil offers all the benefits of handwriting with all the benefits of a digital workflow – searchable text, formatting, environments and Apps.


With Kaligo, teachers reduce their workload with AI powered teaching tools, whilst students complete lessons with tablets and styluses in the classroom or remotely for homework. With all students receiving instant feedback!


  • 3:30 - 3:45pm: Introduction to MCC Digital and iPad

  • 3:45 - 4pm: Apple Resources to Support Literacy 

  • 4 - 4:15pm: Kaligo Workshop: Using iPad and Stylus to support Literacy in KS1/2

  • 4:15 - 4:30pm: Literacy and iPad Tips and Tricks, Q&A

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Apple Distinguished School Showcase

Tuesday 28th March   |   3:45-6pm   |  Prescot Primary School, L34 2TA

You're invited to our Schools iPad Showcase Event. MCC have teamed up with Prescot Primary School, an accredited Apple Distinguished School since 2015. Join us to see how iPad has played an integral role in inspiring all students, leading to an exceptional delivery of the computing curriculum. 


3:45pm - Refreshments / Introductions

4:00pm - Why Apple in Education - Richard Child, MCC 

4:10pm - Prescot Primary School’s Apple Distinguished School Journey, Lisa Seddon, Deputy Headteacher

4:30pm - Workshops (3 x 25 mins)

                Workshop 1: Computing Focus - Sphero and Coding with iPad, Matty Connor, Computing Subject                 Developer

                Workshop 2: Green-screening on iPad, Prescot DIGI Leaders

                Workshop 3: Apple Curriculum Resources, Ian Wilson, Apple Professional Learning Specialist

5:45pm- Q&A with Lisa Seddon (Deputy Head), Matty Connor (Computing Subject Developer) and Richard                  Child (MCC Digital Education Manager)

6:00pm- Close

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