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Mobile Device Deployment

Our Mobile Device Deployment services are designed to ensure a successful iOS deployment in any school environment. We take the time to assess your current provision before beginning any project to ensure the best solution for your needs.

MCC’s Approach to Deployment


This phase allows both MCC and your school to look at what will be required, and assure school leaders of the value that iOS can deliver.


The deployment phase brings all the plans and discussions to life. MCC have been deploying Apple technology for many years. Everything will be built with scalability in mind.

Go Live

At this stage it’s important that we build the correct user support strategies, financial planning and deliver the actual hardware in the best way to your users.

Ensuring A Sustainable Deployment

Vision and Plan

A vision & plan session is essential to get the most out of your iPad deployment. Working with our in-house Apple Education Trainers your leaders and teaching staff will put together a sustainable and successful Plan.


MCC will survey your current wifi network and connection to make sure the potentially large number of new devices will have a great connection. We will also outline any improvements that should be considered.


With both in-house Apple Curriculum Specialists and Education Trainers MCC can provide curriculum focussed hands-on training for teachers and all levels of familiarity with iOS.

Device Management

MCC have worked with a range of MDM provides. These platforms allows schools to send out apps and device policies wirelessly. MCC will make recommendations on which provider would be right for your deployment.


The Apple Device Enrolment Program allows MCC to configure your iPads before they even get delivered. The program also allows for better management of devices leaving your deployment.

Online Security

MCC offer Lightspeed mobile filter which can filter the internet while the devices are in school and at home. There are also options that would work alongside an existing proxy solution.


Good financial planning and a hardware refresh plan are key parts of a successful deployment. If you choose a model involving contributions MCC will set up the payment systems making the project easy for the school and the contributors.


MCC offers a fully underwritten policy with options to protect against damage, theft and fire all in addition to an industry standard hardware warranty.


An important part of any deployment is sustainability. MCC offer flexible options to refresh, subscribe and upgrade existing devices.

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