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Simplify the deployment of institutionally-owned Apple devices using Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (DEP).

Having chosen to use Apple technology, an organisation needs to be confident that their devices are configured and deployed as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

In today’s mobile world, deployment methods are improving and organisations need to be certain their devices can be managed and secured effectively.

What is DEP?

DEP offers a new way to approach device setup and provisioning. Like all Apple products, DEP is focused on delivering world class user experience. As soon as a new device is switched on for the first time, DEP streamlines the activation process and offers automatic device enrolment and configuration. ​

DEP is available to organisations who purchase iPad, iPhone, or Mac directly from MCC. Organisations need to identify and understand the benefits of DEP before embarking on the 4 step process to use DEP to apply your chosen Mobile Device Management (MDM).

MCC can advise organisations on assessing their readiness for DEP as well as supporting you through the Enrol, Setup, Configure and Assign stages that are required to deliver DEP.  Once enrolled into DEP, MCC enables you to benefit from simplified initial setup by automating mobile device management enrolment and supervision of devices during setup and enabling management to manage the devices without touching them.

To implement your device enrolment program (DEP) with MCC, please contact one of our experienced advisers, and we will walk you through the setup process, enabling you to order your equipment ready for a hands-off deployment.

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