Cornist Park School

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Transforming Cornist Park School

“The school would be a very different place without Apple technology in it, its part of school life now. MCC have been absolutely crucial in our journey. Without them we wouldnt be anywhere close to where we are today “
Mrs Thomas – Head Teacher
Cornish Park Primary School

Cornist Park School came to MCC wanting to buy Apple technology. What we have seen over the last 12 months is a demonstration of the school taking the initiative, and with our support they have driven their own growth. Watch the video on how Apple technology can change learning and inspire education.

​”MCC have played a massive part in our digital journey. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them. They have put in all our apple infrastructure including our WiFi. It was great to have someone come in, set everything up and show us how to use it, now we are fully independent to do things ourselves.”
Miss Williams – Teacher
Cornist Park Primary School

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