Making the most of Apple Technology in the classroom

Helping transform the classroom since 1981.

Established in 1981, MCC Digital are one of the UK’s most experienced Apple Solutions Experts for Education and we offer a full range of services around the deployment of Apple technology within educational settings large and small.

These services range from leadership strategy at the start of your Apple journey to device recycling devices, ensuring the financial sustainability of innovative teaching and learning.

For over 35 years, MCC Group has been working with schools, colleges and universities to make their vision a reality by building secure foundations.  The unprecedented responsiveness, accessibility and mobility of Mac and iPad is a cornerstone of that reality: a truly creative, productive and integrated tool that appeals to all learning styles.

MCC is an Apple Solution Expert for Education – our educational experts can help you deploy iPad in the classroom and deliver truly transformational change to the way teaching and learning happens in your school. From former teachers, to experienced consultants, our expert team will make your project a success.

Innovate and transform teaching and learning, deliver impact in the classroom

The school would be a very different place without Apple technology in it, it’s part of school life now. MCC have been absolutely crucial in our journey. Without them we wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are today.

Mrs Thomas – Head Teacher, Cornist Park Primary School

MCC have played a massive part in our digital journey. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them. They have put in all our apple infrastructure including our Wi-Fi. It was great to have someone come in, set everything up and show us how to use it, now we are fully independent to do things ourselves.

Miss Williams – Teacher, Cornist Park Primary School

Our Expert Services for Education

Leadership Strategy

Having a clear IT vision and strategy is key to success. We work with school management to identify key areas of improvement for your school and we can work with you to help you build a plan that ensures high quality support, development, deployment and enhancement of your learning vision.


Aspirations for learning, teaching, and the school environment are extended and enabled by technology.


People act, solve problems, and hold beliefs in ways that support the vision.


People, programs, and systems have the flexibility to implement and expand new innovative practices.


Influencers and innovators map out and implement the vision and keep the community engaged.


Buy-in and support make the initiative successful and sustainable.


Funding is sustained over time.


School success and areas for improvement are identified by known and measured goals.

Excerpt From: Apple Education. “Innovation in Schools.” Apple Inc. – Education, 2017.


MCC Digital can help with all your education needs

Rising costs and tight budgets have made it more difficult than ever before to invest in new technologies. MyLearn is a new, sustainable approach to classroom technology that collects everything you need into a low cost, monthly subscription plan. Good financial planning and a hardware refresh plan are key parts of a successful deployment. MCC can provide a range of fully compliant leasing and subscription options for education.


Schools across the country are faced with the challenge of what to do with older technology which has become less effective at meeting teaching and learning goals. A lot of this technology has no value after time and schools need to manage disposal of their devices, sometimes at a cost. An important part of any deployment is sustainability. MCC offer flexible options to refresh, subscribe and upgrade existing devices and IT equipment. MCC can offset the cost of the new devices required by recycling the school’s existing iPads at full and fair market value.


MCC offers a fully underwritten policy with options to protect against damage, theft and fire all in addition to an industry standard hardware warranty. Your equipment can be covered against accidental damage and theft and cover applies to whether an incident takes place in a car, at home or in any other location – including temporary visits outside the UK. 

Device Enrolment Programme (DEP)

Through the use of Apple’s latest tools for large scale device deployment, MCC will support and assist the school by utilising Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (DEP).

DEP offers a new way to approach device setup and provisioning. Like all Apple products, DEP is focused on delivering world class user experience. As soon as a new device is switched on for the first time, DEP streamlines the activation process and offers automatic device enrolment and configuration. This means that IT staff don’t need to touch the devices in advance of a deployment of this scale. A management payload is prepared in advance and this is automatically deployed as soon as new devices are switched on by students. 

DEP is available to organisations who purchase iPad, iPhone, or Mac directly from MCC.  MCC’s Apple DEP Reseller ID is 6F2EA0.

Management of App Purchases - Volume Purchasing

Purchasing content in bulk for iPad and Mac is easier than ever. With the Apps and Books area in Apple School Manager, you can search for content, purchase licences with your education volume discount, and instantly view important information including assigned and available licences, all in one place. Using MDM, you can assign the apps you purchase to specific devices or users. When a user or device no longer needs an app, you can use MDM to revoke and re-assign it to a different user or device. MCC can process school purchase orders for Apple VPP credit if required. This credit can then be used to buy paid apps for use on school devices.

Setup of Managed Apple IDs

Managed Apple IDs are a kind of Apple ID that gives students access to iCloud, iTunes U, and Shared iPad, while maintaining the control schools need. Apple School Manager lets you automatically create Managed Apple IDs for all students and staff by importing the necessary data from CSV files exported from your school’s directory service. Because Managed Apple IDs are owned and assigned by your institution, you can easily reset passwords, audit accounts, and define roles for everyone in the school.

Deployment of Shared iPad

Shared iPad enables schools to share devices between students while still providing a personalised experience. Before class begins, teachers can assign any student any shared iPad. Students know which devices to use because their names are on the lock screens and they can access their personal content using a password or easy-to-remember four-digit PIN. Because a local copy of their data is stored on this device, after students log in, their homework, apps and assignments are exactly as they left them. So teachers and technology managers won’t lose time backing up or wiping data between classes.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MCC have worked with a range of MDM providers, including Jamf School and Lightspeed. These platforms allows greater security and control of institutional devices and can even utilised by parents to control devices when students are using them at home. MCC will make recommendations on which provider would be right for your deployment.

Wi-Fi and Infrastructure

Designing the infrastructure that supports the learning experience is vitally important, and we work with schools to bring that to life, be it through the implementation of effective and efficient wireless networks to the deployment of devices that are easy to use, manage and maintain, both within the classroom and away from it. We can survey your current Wi-Fi network and connection to make sure that the potentially large number of new devices will be able to connect to your network rapidly and effectively ensuring the best possible experience for each and every learner. We will also monitor and outline any improvements that should be considered and advise on implementation. MCC can also properly setup servers to support your infrastructure, integrating a range of complementary cloud and storage solutions if they are required. Services can include Apple’s innovative caching server which reduces your school’s bandwidth requirements when deploying large numbers of Apple devices.

Apple Training

Apple Professional Learning programmes run by MCC are delivered by Apple certified teachers with experience of leadership and learning in schools. Apple Professional Learning is more than simply training, encompassing everything from strategic planning to planning for financial sustainability as the vision for your learning programme grows. MCC can also provide Apple-focused technical training and mentoring for IT professionals at all levels of familiarity with iOS and Mac OS. 

“Today has been the best ever distribution we have done with around 170 iPad given out. A very smooth process and it was a massive help to have everything numbered and organised in advance. Thanks very much for your support here.”

Justin Roper – Head of E-Learning, Haslingden High School

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