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Enabling technology access for everyone.
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Technology should be for everyone

At MCC, we believe that technology should be experienced by everyone. With fantastic new advances in mobile accessibility, this is now more possible than ever before, but many people do not know about the range of accessibility features available for devices such as iPad.

To show the power of the iPad for SEND, MCC work with specialist trainers to provide accessibility workshops for parents and carers. Sessions are customised so that the device can be adapted for the particular needs of the child and parent. So far we have worked with children who are blind and partially sighted, deaf, have cerebral palsy, Down’s Syndrome, are from across the Autism spectrum, and who suffer Global Development Delay.

Our Accessibility Sessions focus on

Accessibility Features

Tools and device features to assist parents and carers in being able to better support their children using digital technology.

Apple IDs and sharing

How to help manage your iOS device for greater control


Using the camera built into iPad to promote communication skills.

Support and Advice

How to benefit from the opportunities available through the online world, such as social media and access to support and advice.

SEN Apps and Tools

Identifying appropriate apps and searching the appstore effectively.

Security and Access

Explore online safety and device restrictions such as Guided Access.

Feedback on our Training

The most fantastic thing I took away from the training was guided access and the timer, it’s fantastic. I didn’t know the iPad had these facilities; to be able to lock a student onto one website or app is really helpful.
We didn’t really know what to expect, except that we’d be able to change some of the accessibility settings. I hadn’t realised just how much we could change though! We now have an iPad that is much easier to use, plus three new apps we’re hoping could be a huge help.

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