CAS Conference at Lancaster University

Jul 5, 2017

John Rudkin, Education Development Manager joined Lynn Blair and Lorraine Underwood to update our Apple Coding Opportunities for Schools at the CAS Teacher Training Conference, Lancaster.

CAS Conference at Lancaster University Wednesday 5th July

MCC supported the CAS (Computing in Schools) Teacher Training Conference and held at Lancaster University on May 5th 2017. The event itself attracted over 60 individuals from Schools all over Lancashire, with a series of sessions being presented by speakers from the CAS organisation, and teachers co-opted to run CAS Hubs. MCC were there to promote Swift Playgrounds and to continue our promotion of Apple Coding alongside CAS.

Last year we introduced Apple UK Staff to the organisation and have been keeping the Northwest CAS Hub updated regularly. We were delighted to be able to introduce our ‘easy to participate’ subscription service which offers schools an opportunity to get hold of iPads (and other Apple hardware and services) at lower prices than ever.

The event saw iPads in use in the presentations delivered by a number of contributors with Lego leading the way showing examples of it’s own products running on them. Lego for Primary and Lego for Secondary was joined by topics including the programming of Sphero, with a diverse selection of subjects such as Online Safety, Digital Art and Logo Modelling.
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