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Support is an essential part of what we do at MCC. Businesses require peace of mind that their technology will work consistently and reliably, without downtime or frustration. We have invested heavily in our support services, offering a modern, real time ticketed service for all support queries.

Find out more about our business support services below.

Support Services for Business

Maintenance Contracts

MCC can help protect your IT against failures and downtime. Our expert technicians are always available.

Technology Healthcheck

Our technicians can ensure all aspects of your current technology estate is up-to-date and secure, and recommend improvements.

Repair Help Desk

MCC offer a real-time, ticketed service for all repairs. Our portal allows you to check the status of your repair and monitor progress.

Data Migration

If you are refreshing your technology or require data services, MCC’s technicians can ensure a seamless and risk-free migration.

MyCare Collect and Return

A  MyCare Collect & Return warranty covers against electrical / component failure. In the event of your device failing, MyCare will send a courier to collect it from you. It will then be repaired by a fully Apple certified MyCare service engineer and returned to you at no cost for complete peace of mind.

MyCare is available for all Mac and iPad models


  • UK Coverage
  • Cover up to 5 years
  • Collect & Return
  • 5 Day Turnaround
  • Telephone Diagnostics
  • All Parts & Labour Included
  • No hidden charges

Complementary Technical Services

Management Strategy

A proper IT strategy is key to success and uptime. We work with management to identify key areas of improvement in your business and build a plan.


MCC will survey your current wifi network and connection to make sure the potentially large number of new devices will have a great connection. We will also outline any improvements that should be considered.

Apple Training

MCC can provide Apple-focused technical training and mentoring for IT professionals at all levels of familiarity with iOS and Mac OS.

Device Management

MCC have worked with a range of MDM provides. These platforms allows businesses greater security and control. MCC will make recommendations on which provider would be right for your deployment.


The Apple Device Enrolment Program allows MCC to configure your iPads before they even get delivered. The program also allows for better management of devices leaving your deployment.


MCC can properly setup servers for business, integrating a range of complementary cloud and storage solutions if they are required.


Good financial planning and a hardware refresh plan is a key part of a successful deployment. MCC can provide a range of leasing and subscription options for business.


MCC offers a fully underwritten policy with options to protect against damage, theft and fire all in addition to an industry standard hardware warranty.


An important part of any deployment is sustainability. MCC offer flexible options to refresh, subscribe and upgrade existing devices and IT equipment.

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